We are pleased to announce that a thoughtful and articulate group of colleagues and friends will guest direct this fall! Check out what is coming, and be sure to follow, like, and comment on the season’s conversations.

Date Director Topic
9/18-22 Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Nonviolence
With Lori Burge, Margarie Rossi, Emily Brewer, Aric Clark, Shannon Vance-Ocampo, Amy Cantrell, and Beth Foster
9/25-29 Darcy Metcalfe Dear Church: It’s Time We Take the Safety of our Children Seriously
With Morven Baker and Kris Schondelmeyer
10/2-6 Anne Weirich Emerging from Ministry Margins: Global and Ecumenical Women’s Voices
With Vavauni Ljaljegean, Jerusha Matsen-Neal, Abby Henrich, and Simone Vishvabharatha
10/9-13 Jennifer Thomas Do you have FOMO? Daily Stewardship
10/16-20 Aimee Moiso Preaching Across the Divide(s)
With Amantha Barbee, Scott Clark, Leah Schade, Casey Sigmon
10/23-27 Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty Theological and Moral Imagination for Living by an Ethic of Enough
With Rob Fohr, Aruna Gnanadason, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, John McClure, Joseph Rapport, Stephen Ray, Don Richter, and Devin Singh
10/30-11/3 Kelle Brown The Dance of Inclusion: African American Leadership in Dominant Culture Churches
11/6-10 Cynthia Holder Rich Mission Stories
With Jed Hawkes Koball, Kirsten Laderach, Jim Gonia, Rowland Van Es Jr., Tim TenClay, and Anne Ruedisili Langdji
11/13-17 Angela Sims Conversation on Lynched: The Power of Memory in a Culture of Terror
With Mitzi Smith, Kathleen Gallagher Elkins, Krista Kiger,Sandra Caldwell Williams, and Margaretta Narcisse
12/4-8 Abby Mohaupt Seeking Environmental Justice in the Era of Climate Change
With Jocabed Gallegos, Neddy Astudillo, and Jiyoung Kim
12/11-15 Cynthia Holder Rich A Voice Cries, Prepare the Way: Advent Reflections
With Paul Hooker and Mark Rich