Anne Weirich

Rev. Anne Weirich is the interim pastor head of staff at First Presbyterian in Lansing, MI. After a business career in Chicagoland and Los Angeles, she graduated from Princeton Seminary and has served churches in MA, CA and MI with a focus on everything from youth to mission.  Anne has always enjoyed the work of the Presbytery, serving on administrative, worship, council and leadership teams. She has been a commissioner to GA (2006,) an observer at WARC in Ghana (2004) and part of the planning and hosting team of the general council meeting for the formation of the World Communion of Reformed Churches in Grand Rapids, MI (2010.) An area of interest is the Holy Land. Anne has taken many groups there – Christian and interfaith.  Her undergraduate degree is in Anthropology. This degree has informed Anne’s endless curiosity about humanity and our desire for communion with one another and the Mystery that links us one to the other. She is most happy when in the presence of the transformation that occurs when that communion, that at-one-ment, brings light to a formerly darkened place among us.

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